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UWA Publishing (Australia) has been publishing for more than 70 years. This press publishes diverse books from history to politics. They also produce carefully researched sociological titles and literature and literary criticism. UWA Publishing's books have both an Australian and a global focus.

  • 'Every Mother's Son is Guilty'

    'Every Mother's Son is Guilty'

    Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia 1882-1905

    By Chris Owen

    Contributions by: Patrick Dodson

    This is a marvellous contribution by Chris Owen to the understanding of the role the Western Australian police force played in the colonial expansion into the Kimberley district of Western Australia.--Senator Patrick Dodson, Yawuru Elder ***Chris...

    Paper - 9781742586687 - $ 50.00

  • 12 Gardens

    12 Gardens

    Creative Designs for the Australian Climate

    By Jenny Delmage, Neil Delmage

    How do you create and maintain a beautiful yet waterwise garden? Neil and Jenny Delmage have been setting the standard in Australian garden design for more than twenty years, creating sustainable, biodiverse, waterwise - and gorgeous - gardens. Their...

    Paper - 9781742585048 - $ 39.99

  • 26 Views of the Starburst World

    26 Views of the Starburst World

    William Dawes at Sydney Cove 1788-1791

    By Ross Gibson

    In January 1788, astronomer and colonist William Dawes came to New South Wales' Botany Bay with the First Fleet Marines. He then came back into view in 1972, when a pair of slender 'language notebooks' - 80 small pages of limber handwriting...

    Paper - 9781742582979 - $ 32.95

  • A Boy's Short Life

    A Boy's Short Life

    The Story of Warren Braedon/Louis Johnson

    By Anna Haebich, Steve Mickler

    He never knew his name, he never knew his mother, he never knew his family, he never knew his people, he never knew his country. Born Alice Springs, 4th January, 1973, murdered Perth, 4th January, 1992...because he was black....

    Paper - 9781742585079 - $ 17.99

  • A Country in Mind

    A Country in Mind

    Memoir with Landscape

    By Saskia Beudel

    The chunk of land bordering Western Australia, South Australia, and Queensland is known as Namatjira. For most of us it is remote; geographically and metaphorically it is the heart of Australia. After a period of loss and much change, Saskia Beudel was inspired to begin...

    Paper - 9781742584942 - $ 29.99

  • A Free Flame

    A Free Flame

    Australian Women Writers and Vocation in the Twentieth Century

    By Ann-Marie Priest

    ***Highly commended in the 2016 Dorothy Hewett Award for an Unpublished Manuscript*** 'I need to be a writer,' Ruth Park told her future husband, D'Arcy Niland, on the eve of their marriage. 'That's what I need from life.' She...

    Paper - 9781742589589 - $ 22.99

  • A History of the Beanbag and Other Stories

    A History of the Beanbag and Other Stories

    By Susan Midalia

    A History of the Beanbag and Other Stories is a short story collection with a difference - a scenic tour of the surprises, secrets, and fears lurking beneath the cracked veneer of domesticity and suburban complacency. With photographic precision, author Susan Midalia captures the fleeting beauty, light,...

    Paper - 9780980296501 - $ 19.50

  • A Journey Travelled

    A Journey Travelled

    Aboriginal-European Relations at Albany and the Surrounding Regions from First Contact to 1926

    By Murray Arnold

    A Journey Travelled is a pivotal Australian story long overdue for the telling: how Aboriginal and European people interacted with each other following Britain's territorial invasion in 1826, as well as its ongoing presence for...

    Paper - 9781742586632 - $ 39.99

  • A Landscape for Learning

    A Landscape for Learning

    A History of the Grounds of the University of Western Australia

    By George Seddon, Gillian Lilleyman

    The University of Western Australia campus is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, of university campuses in Australia. This book documents the history of the university grounds, and its design,...

    Cloth - 9781920694517 - $ 58.50

  • A Little America in Western Australia

    A Little America in Western Australia

    The US Naval Communication Station at North West Cape and the Founding of Exmouth

    By Anthony J. Barker, Michael L. Ondaatje

    In 1963, the US Naval Communication Station at North West Cape in Western Australia became the first US defense facility to be established on Australian soil in peacetime. During...

    Paper - 9781742586854 - $ 45.00