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New Century Publications (India) specializes in publishing quality literature in English in the areas of social sciences, humanities and law, with specialization in economics, commerce and management. Their publishing focuses mainly on a wide range of subjects including: Indian economy, foreign trade, economic reforms, WTO, taxation, public finance, banking, foreign direct investment, management theories, liberalization, consumer protection, general management, advertising and marketing strategies, agriculture, general and specific law, history and political science.

With a total of more than 140 books to their credit and approximately 30-40 new titles every year, in a span of over a decade, New Century Publications have carved out a place for themselves by publishing good quality books with the author profile ranging from university academicians, legal experts, bureaucrats, policy makers and researchers. Their books are appropriate for universities, colleges, management institutes, government libraries and research institutes.

  • A Handbook on Law of Torts

    A Handbook on Law of Torts

    Material and Cases

    By Birendra Mohan Thakur, Tarun Mishra

    Tort is a breach of some duty independent of the contract which has caused damage to the plaintiff giving rise to civil cause of action and for which remedy is available. Tort cases include injury in road accidents, injury or death...

    Cloth - 9788177084269 - $ 47.50

  • Advertising and Brand Building

    Advertising and Brand Building

    Principles and Case Studies

    Edited by: K. Pongiannan

    In the modern world, advertising remains the most influential element for the promotion of products and services. It has become the most crucial part of marketing strategies, where attracting and retaining consumers is a challenging task in today's competitive world. Consumers are exposed...

    Cloth - 9788177083156 - $ 38.25

  • Afro-Asian Conflicts

    Afro-Asian Conflicts

    Changing Contours, Costs and Consequences

    Edited by: Seema Shekhawat, Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra

    The issues of conflict and peace are of immense relevance in the post-Cold War scenario, which has witnessed an unprecedented rise in violent conflicts locally, yet with global ramifications. Oftentimes the conflicts have been protracted with horrendous consequences....

    Cloth - 9788177081831 - $ 44.75

  • Agricultural Economy of India

    Agricultural Economy of India

    Current Status and Issues

    By Malvika Singh

    Agriculture occupies a key position in the Indian economy. Though agriculture has shrunk as a proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP) to around 13 percent, it is a vital sector and provider of livelihood for two-thirds of India's working population. Agriculture being a...

    Cloth - 9788177084429 - $ 45.50

  • Agricultural Finance in India

    Agricultural Finance in India

    The Role of NABARD

    By K. Prabhakar Rajkumar

    Agricultural production in India depends upon millions of small farmers. However, because of inadequate financial resources, many farmers are unable to receive improved seeds and fertilizers, nor introduce better methods and techniques. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that the financial requirements...

    Cloth - 9788177081800 - $ 34.50

  • Agricultural Inputs and Services in India

    Agricultural Inputs and Services in India

    By D. Amutha

    The agricultural sector occupies a key position in India's economy, providing employment to about 65% of the working population. It is therefore natural that the problems of farmers are addressed with a sense of urgency. Even though this sector may not be considered equal to the levels...

    Cloth - 9788177083934 - $ 86.50

  • Agriculture and Environment in India

    Agriculture and Environment in India

    By Surya Bhushan

    The most important natural resource of India is land which is the basis for all agricultural and allied activities. While the population grows, the land surface is fixed and only a certain proportion of it is available for cultivation. In the context of increasing human and animal...

    Cloth - 9788177084207 - $ 38.50

  • Agriculture and Rural Development in India

    Agriculture and Rural Development in India

    Post-Liberalisation Initiatives

    By Astha Ahuja

    Although agriculture is still the backbone of the Indian economy, at least in terms of employment, the impulses of reforms have been relatively less in scope and depth in this sector. This book explains the key reform measures undertaken for the development of agriculture and rural...

    Cloth - 9788177081046 - $ 34.50

  • Agriculture and Rural Development in India Since 1947

    Agriculture and Rural Development in India Since 1947

    By Chandra Shekhar Prasad

    On the eve of India's independence in 1947, Indian agriculture was characterized by feudal land relations and primitive technology, and the resultant low productivity per hectare. As a consequence, rural India presented a picture of mass poverty and widespread unemployment or under-employment. Therefore, the first task...

    Cloth - 9788177082012 - $ 106.50

  • Agriculture and Sustainable Development in India

    Agriculture and Sustainable Development in India

    By Chandra Shekhar Prasad

    Following independence in 1947, India's agricultural policy could broadly be classified under three phases. Phase one, immediately after independence, witnessed several institutional changes through land reforms and the initiation of major irrigation projects. The second phase, since the mid-1960s, aimed to increase agricultural productivity to attain...

    Cloth - 9788177083088 - $ 144.75