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LIT Verlag has established itself as one of Germany's leading academic publishers with a fast growing English language list. (This publisher has offices in several countries, but their central office is in Germany.)With well over 100 English language titles a year, LIT Verlag offers original research, and stimulating and innovative contributions to major academic disciplines. Disciplines of particular strengths are politics, history, sociology and social anthropology, literary criticism, and religious studies. Additionally, LIT Verlag produces regional studies encompassing Asian studies, American studies, European and Eastern European studies, and a large number of African studies. LIT Verlag was founded to bring scholarship, ranging from specifically focused case studies to broad theoretical monographs, to a wide academic international audience.

  • (Anti-)Americanisms


    Edited by: Astrid M. Fellner, Thomas Froschl, Michael Draxlbauer

    (Anti-)Americanisms is a collection of articles presented during the international conference of the Austrian Association for American Studies in 2002. Focusing on the various propagations of American culture in literature, music, film, "the new media", architecture, politics, and ways...

    Paper - 9783825867638 - $ 30.95

  • (Hidden) Minorities

    (Hidden) Minorities

    Language and Ethnic Identity between Central Europe and the Balkans

    Edited by: Christian Promitzer, Klaus-Jurgen Hermanik, Eduard Staudinger

    This book asks why several ethnic and linguistic groups in Central Europe and the Balkans have not yet been legally recognized as national minorities. Some of these hidden minorities have not...

    Paper - 9783643500960 - $ 44.95

  • (Re)Writing History. Historiography in Southeast Europe after Socialism

    (Re)Writing History. Historiography in Southeast Europe after Socialism

    Edited by: Ulf Brunnbauer

    The authors of this volume analyse the development of historiography in Southeast Europe after the collapse of socialism. On the one hand, they discuss efforts at reevaluating the past. On the other hand, their contributions reveal that recent historiography has often been characterised by a high...

    Paper - 9783825873653 - $ 44.95

  • ... a certaine Inshape

    ... a certaine Inshape

    Readings of Metaphysical Poems

    By Inge Leimberg

    312 pages

    Not Yet Published
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9783643901026

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

    Paper - 9783643901026 - $ 52.95

  • 100 Jahre deutsch-athiopische diplomatische Beziehungen - 100 Years of German-Ethiopian Diplomatic Relations

    100 Jahre deutsch-athiopische diplomatische Beziehungen - 100 Years of G...

    Von der traditionellen Monarchie zum modernen Staat

    By Heinrich Scholler

    Unter Kaiser Menelik II. kam es im Fruhjahr 1905 zur Entsendung einer deutschen Delegation und zum Abschluss eines Freundschafts- und Handelsvertrages. Menelik II. suchte Schutz gegen drohende Ubergriffe europaischer Kolonialmachte. Durch die beiden Weltkriege wurden die diplomatischen Beziehungen unterbrochen, aber schon...

    Paper - 9783825897208 - $ 22.95

  • 1926-2016 Fritz Jahr's Bioethics

    1926-2016 Fritz Jahr's Bioethics

    A global Discourse

    Edited by: Amir Muzur, Hans-Martin Sass

    The ethics of valuing bios in all their forms and shapes has been an essential part of great and successful cultures from the millennia-old Vedic tradition of 'tattvamasi'-this is also you: this plant, this animal, this microbe, this ecosystem-to the simple...

    Paper - 9783643908292 - $ 44.95

  • 27 - 2010

    27 - 2010

    Edited by: Burkhard Fehr, Christoph Hocker, Inge Nielsen, Martina Seifert Lambert Schneider

    Schwerpunkt des HEPHAISTOS 27 (2010) bilden zun?chst f?nf Aufs?tze ?ber die Altertumswissenschaften in Italien und Deutschland in den Zwanziger bis F?nfziger Jahren des 20., Jahrhunderts. Weitere Beitr?ge behandeln k?rper?sthetische Konzepte im archaischen Griechenland, hellenistische Grabanlagen...

    Paper - 9783643999023 - $ 89.95

  • 9/11 and its Remediations in Popular Culture and Arts in Africa

    9/11 and its Remediations in Popular Culture and Arts in Africa

    Edited by: Heike Behrend, Tobias Wendl

    9/11 has been described as an "absolute event" that radically changed the course of history. It reinforced the opposition between Christian and Muslim worlds and led to the declaration of a unilateral war against a global network of terrorists that broke up the...

    Paper - 9783643906274 - $ 44.95

  • A Black Byzantium

    A Black Byzantium

    The Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria (Reprint)

    By S.F. Nadel

    A Black Byzantium is a study of the Nupe of Northern Nigeria, based on intensive field research carried out by author S.F. Nadel in 1934 and 1935-6, while a Research Fellow of the International African Institute. The economic and political complexity...

    Paper - 9783894738730 - $ 29.95

  • A Coherent European Procurement Law and Policy for the Space Sector

    A Coherent European Procurement Law and Policy for the Space Sector

    Towards a Third Way

    Edited by: Stephan Hobe, Mahulena Hofmannova, Jan Wouters

    Space is a matter of strategic importance and in need of concerted action by the European space actors. Distinct approaches to public procurement must not hamper the cooperation between the European Space Agency, the European Union and...

    Cloth - 9783643109118 - $ 74.95