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Hart Publishing (UK) is an award-winning publisher that produces thought-provoking, academic books that are both theoretical and practical in nature covering such topics as: Commercial and Financial Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, and International and Comparative Law. Their titles, which have world-wide applications, are appropriate for law libraries, professors and lawyers. Often their titles have a social component that makes them of value to sociologists and political scientists as well.

Publishing more than 100 books a year, written by respected international authors, Hart Publishing provides the reader with diverse, intelligent perspectives on topics that are currently in the news. Their titles garner international recognition and awards. In 2012 Hart Publishing, was short-listed for the Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year award made by the Independent Publisher’s Guild. In Fall 2013 Hart became part of the Bloomsbury Publishing Group. ISBS continues to distribute Hart Publishing and the law publishing division of the Bloomsbury Publishing Group: Bloomsbury Professional.

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