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  • 'East of noise' Eivind Groven - composer, ethnomusicologist, researcher

    'East of noise' Eivind Groven - composer, ethnomusicologist, res...

    Edited by: Ingrid Loe Dalaker, Anne Jorunn Kydland, Dagmara Lopatowska-Romsvik

    The Norwegian composer, musicologist, and folk musician Eivind Groven (1901-1977) is increasingly recognized as an important contributor to the music scene from the 1920's onwards. His work on the just intonation problematics has inspired further studies of composition...

    Cloth - 9788232102617 - $ 63.00

  • 'Ecclesia Nidrosiensis' and 'Noregs veldi'

    'Ecclesia Nidrosiensis' and 'Noregs veldi'

    The role of the Church in the making of Norwegian domination in the Norse World

    Edited by: Steinar Imsen

    From the reign of King Magnus Hakonsson (1263-1280) until the Reformation (1537), the province of the Nidaros Church and the realm of the King of Norway coincided, more or less. This was...

    Paper - 9788232101757 - $ 57.00

  • 50 Nueces de lengua y unas notas de gramatica

    50 Nueces de lengua y unas notas de gramatica

    2a edicion

    By Maximino J. Ruiz Rufino

    ***THIS BOOK IS IN SPANISH ONLY. *** Through 50 'nuts' of language and related grammatical notes, this book offers the reader a practical and theoretical overview of Spanish grammar presented in a unique and entertaining way. 50 small language problems are presented in the...

    Paper - 9788245018943 - $ 50.00

  • Adult Education in Great Britain, Norway and Spain

    Adult Education in Great Britain, Norway and Spain

    A Comparative Study of Participation, Motivation and Barriers

    Edited by: Einar Skaalvik

    The rapid development and the increased competition in the labor market make continuing education a necessity for an increasing number of people. Equal opportunities for adults to engage in education are therefore important in order to combat exclusion from...

    Paper - 9788251916691 - $ 22.50

  • Aesthetics at Work

    Aesthetics at Work

    Edited by: Arne Melberg

    This anthology deals with the changing state of the arts and the incorporation and relevance of the aesthetic dimension in daily life in general. The articles are not restricted to the arts, but emphasis is given to aesthetics at work including art interaction, new aesthetical forms,...

    Paper - 9788274772946 - $ 29.00

  • Aesthetics of Prose

    Aesthetics of Prose

    By Arne Melberg

    This book is an investigation into the phenomenology of prose. The first section deals with two champions in the modern history of prose: Montaigne and Nietzsche. The second section considers some versions of prose and modernity through two profiles in the history of modernism: Walter Benjamin and...

    Paper - 9788274773745 - $ 45.00

  • Affluence and Activism

    Affluence and Activism

    Organized Consumers in the Post-war Era

    Edited by: Iselin Theien, Even Lange

    104 pages

    Publication Date: 1/1/2004
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9788274771864

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    Paper - 9788274771864 - $ 29.00

  • Altitudinal Distribution Patterns of Alpine Plants

    Altitudinal Distribution Patterns of Alpine Plants

    Studies along a Coast-Inland Transect in Southern Scandes, Northern Europe

    By Jarle Inge Holten, Egil Ingvar Aune

    This book describes the vertical distribution and ecology of 161 alpine vascular plant species along a coast-inland transect in central Norway. The diagrams are based on systematic field work over the course of...

    Cloth - 9788251925488 - $ 83.00

  • An engineering approach to finite element analysis of linear structural mechanics problems

    An engineering approach to finite element analysis of linear structural ...

    By Kolbein Bell

    This book is written by an engineer for engineering students (and practising engineers). While the presentation of the core material is fairly traditional, an attempt has been made to emphasize the impact of the formidable computational capability now available to all engineers. The author tends to favour...

    Paper - 9788232102686 - $ 123.00

  • Animal Signals

    Animal Signals

    Signalling and Signal Design in Animal Communication

    Edited by: Gunilla Rosenqvist, Troad Amundsen, Yngve Esprnark

    480 pages

    Publication Date: 12/31/2000
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9788251915458

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    Cloth - 9788251915458 - $ 80.00