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DJØF Publishing (Denmark) was founded in 1959 as an independent organization under the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists. Every year, they publish 150 new titles within subject areas of International Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Administration of Justice, Legal History, Company & Tax Law, Economics, Business, Management and other Social Sciences. DJØF (or DJOEF) authors enjoy the highest esteem in academic and professional circles. The majority of the titles are in Danish, however, increasing internationalization has encouraged the publication of a rising number of books in English, and ISBS distributes these English-language books.

  • A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky

    A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky

    Edited by: Mads Bryde Andersen, Rene Franz Henschel

    This festschrift is an international tribute to Professor Joseph M. Lookofsky, honoring his work as an internationally respected scholar within the areas of private law, comparative law, and private international law. It contains contributions from a wide range of respected scholars...

    Cloth - 9788757435252 - $ 51.00

  • Abnormally Low Tenders

    Abnormally Low Tenders

    With an Emphasis on Public Tenderers

    By Grith Skovgaard Ølykke

    Ever since the very first European Community public procurement Directive, all public procurement Directives have contained provisions on abnormally low tenders. The rules on public procurement primarily concern procedures, and only one provision affects the substantive assessment of the price by...

    Paper - 9788757423594 - $ 61.00

  • Advertising Law

    Advertising Law

    Marketing Law and Commercial Freedom of Expression

    By Caroline Heide-Jorgensen

    Contributions by: Steven Harris

    This book contains one of the most important preconditions of the modern market economy; that people involved in commerce should have the right to inform the market about the goods and services they offer. This right to...

    Cloth - 9788757423013 - $ 115.00

  • Aims and Values in Competition Law

    Aims and Values in Competition Law

    Edited by: Caroline Heide-Jørgensen, Christian Bergqvist, Ulla Neergaard, Sune Troels Poulsen

    With the Lisbon Treaty, the principle of undistorted competition disappeared from the EU Treaty itself and was moved to a Protocol, while the principle of social market economy was introduced. Together with the economization of competition...

    Paper - 9788757427998 - $ 65.00

  • Alf Ross

    Alf Ross

    a life

    By Jens Evald

    Alf Ross (1899-1979) was a well-known Danish legal and moral philosopher, a scholar of international law, and one of the founding fathers of the so-called Scandinavian legal realism. On the surface, the life of Alf Ross might have been considered a fairy tale. Ross had to...

    Paper - 9788757427868 - $ 80.00

  • Alf Ross: Kristiske Gensyn

    Alf Ross: Kristiske Gensyn

    Edited by: Jacob V. H. Holtermann, Jesper Ryberg

    258 pages

    Publication Date: 5/30/2006
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9788757414097

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

    Cloth - 9788757414097 - $ 37.00

  • An Actor's Approach to Management

    An Actor's Approach to Management

    Conceptual Framework and Company Practices

    Edited by: Hanne Nørreklit, Morten Jakobsen, Inga-Lill Johansson

    This book is a contribution to the development of methods and practices for handling the complexity and non-linearity of organizational processes. The basic premise is that the individual person possesses creativity and problem-solving skills that can...

    Paper - 9788757424690 - $ 36.00

  • An Introduction to Corporate Governance

    An Introduction to Corporate Governance

    Mechanisms and Systems

    By Steen Thomsen

    This book is an introduction to corporate governance - the control and direction of companies by boards, owners, company law, and other mechanisms. The book deals with the mechanisms of governance and how they are combined in different governance systems around the world. Part I...

    Paper - 9788757418514 - $ 48.00

  • Arbitration Agreements

    Arbitration Agreements

    In a Transport Law Perspective

    By Kristina Maria Siig

    This book contains a comparative study of the rules governing the formation of arbitration agreements under Danish, English and Norwegian law. The relevant domestic legislation and international treaties, such as the New York Convention 1958, are considered in detail. The book deals...

    Paper - 9788757409246 - $ 62.00

  • Arbitration in Denmark

    Arbitration in Denmark

    By Steffen Pihlblad, Christian Lundblad, Claus Sogaard-Christensen

    Contributions by: Steven Harris

    This book is based on the Danish Arbitration Act 2005 (which is based on the UNCITRAL model law) and the Rules of Arbitration Procedure of the Danish Institute of Arbitration, with the main emphasis on the latter....

    Paper - 9788757427790 - $ 62.00